Local Heroes


  • Location: Sandpoint
  • Date: 22nd of Rova, 4707 AR
  • Characters: Gwen, Phrank, Bel’Garen
  • Exp: 225

Using hints from interrogated goblins, the heroes and the sheriff investigate the local graveyard. They discover the vault of the former priest and his adopted daughter, Exakien and Nualia Tyobyn, has been raided, the bodies stolen. In their place, two undead skeletons were left. Tracks were later found to lead to the river.

After exhausting all other leads, the heroes retire to the inn. There they observe an altercation between the bar owner, Ameiko, and her father who demands the family return to Magnimar. Gwen, Phrank and Bel’Garen help break up a fight and force Longjiku out of the bar.


  • 2 Skeletons in the graveyard
  • Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Ameiko’s father

Notable Loot

A used up magic robe

Notable NPCs

  • Ameiko Kaijitsu, runs the Rusty Dragon Inn
  • Longjiku Kaijitsu, local nobleman, patriarch of Kaijitsu family, runs glassworks

Ameiko kaijitsu



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