Getting Started

  1. Get an introduction to the world by downloading the free Rise of the Runelords Player’s Guide. Make sure you grab the Anniversary Edition.
  2. Start building a character. Feel free to use Obsidian Portal’s online character sheets or, if you want to go all out, buy a Character Folio from Paizo. (Note: I can also provide printed out character sheets using the folio design).
  3. If you’re not familiar with Pathfinder, you can use the free, online Pathfinder RPG Reference Document (aka PRD).
  4. I’ve also listed the books we’ll be using if for some reason you have a burning desire to spend cash.
  5. If you’re still looking for something to do, head over to the Player’s Forum to introduce yourself.

Building a Character

Some general guidelines:

You can use any character classes or rules from the official PRD this include materials from:

  • The Core rulebook
  • The Advanced Player’s Guide
  • The Ultimate Magic Supplement
  • The Ultimate Combat Supplement
  • The Ultimes Races Supplement

Any other rule sets must be approved by the dungeon master.

Ability Scores

We’re using the standard “4d6, drop the lowest, then assign” approach. If you want to use another approach, please notify the dungeon master.


Each character can select up to 2 character traits, one should be a campaign trait.

Characters made for this campaign should have reasons for being in the town of Sandport, and all the better if they have a vested interest in defending it. See Campaign Traits for more details.

Starting Equipment

Use standard starting gold to equip your character:

Example Roles and Builds

These “roles” are example character builds, more specific than classes. You can select one or use them as inspiration in your own character.

  • Cypherhunter: a bard, oracle or wizard; a worldly scholar of ancient runes
  • Duskwarden: ranger; intrepid spelunker of Kaer Maga’s depths
  • Frontier Defender: fighter or inquisitor; a self-trained town guardian
  • Magnimarian Warden: fighter or cleric; a guardian of fair commerce
  • Professional Gambler: a bard, monk or rogue; a calculative risk taker
  • Sable Company Marine: paladin or ranger; hippogripff-mounted soldier
  • Sczarni Tough: a rogue; an avaricious scoundrel for hire
  • Singles Dweller: rogue or monk; an independent roof-runner
  • Shoanti Outrider: mounted fury barbarian or horse lord ranger; nomadic defender of a proud people.
  • Shoanti Totem Shaman: cleric, druid or oracle; a tribal spirit speaker
  • Sky Magistrate: cavalier; a dwarven defender of trade
  • Varisian Bravo: a fighter or rogue; daring wanderer on the open road
  • Varisian Fortune Teller: a bard sorcerer or witch; mysterious manipulator of fates
  • Welcome Wanderer: cleric, monk or oracle; a far-traveling healer

For more information on builds see the Varisia Player’s Companion book (the DM has a copy).

Getting Started

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